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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pre-order a piece of your work?
    Please message me through my contact form with what you are interested in, and we can have a conversation about what you would like. I can also let you know how long it will roughly take for me to make the pieces, as well as the cost of the work before I make them so that we have everything organised. If what you would like changes, I just ask you to contact me as soon as you can so that I don't make work that you would no longer like. Please be aware that none of my prices include the price of shipping, this will be added on after.
  • Can I have pieces personalised?
    If there is anything that I make that you would like to have in your colour palette, please do get in contact with me and I will change what I can to the design that you desire. This could mean that it might take me longer to make your pieces if I need to wait for other colours to be delivered, but I can have a conversation with you about this when you contact me. There could also be a wait until the next time I am making, as some colour or colour combinations I might not have made recently.
  • What shipping do I use?
    I send all my work out second class signed for delivery to ensure that it is not left anywhere that could lead to the items being broken. The price for shipping will change depending on what I am posting, so I can not give a general price. If this isn't quick enough or if you would like it delivering on a certain date, please send me an email and I can arrange different shipping for you at a higher cost. It won't cost any more if you would like it posting on a set day, the only increase in cost will be if a more expensive shipping is asked for.
  • Do you offer international shipping?
    If you live outside the UK, please send me a message through my contact form and I can look in to how much this would cost and if it is possible. Once I have gathered up all the information, I will then get in contact with you and you can pick the shipping/cost which works best for you.
  • What payment options do you offer?
    For all my pre-orders, I will send you an invoice with my bank details on for you to do a bank transfer. However, at any in person event that I do, I accept cash and card payments.
  • Do you sell or accept gift cards?
    Right now I am not offering any gift card options nor am I selling gift cards.
  • Can I get my order gift wrapped?
    I am more than happy to gift wrap any order at a small extra cost! Once I have made the items and sent you photos, please let me know that you would like them to be gift wrapped and I will gladly do so! If you know they are a gift when you order them, you can also let me know then and I will add it to my notes when making the pieces.
  • What do I do if the work arrives broken?
    To get a refund on a broken item, please email me a photo of the piece as soon as you receive the item along with proof of purchase and I can work on getting it refunded to you as quickly as possible! Please open the packages as soon as you get them to make sure that they are not broken due to the postage, and let me know immediately. This ensures that they were broken only in the posting, and I can refund you and contact the postal service about the broken item(s).
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