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Colours available: Tumblers


Please be aware that all tumblers and water jugs on this page are available in all 12 colour options showcased in the tumblers. Currently, these pieces are for pre-orders only whilst I work on making stock for an online store. The studio that I hire has recently changed its' base glass which means I might have to buy new colours that are compatable with the clear glass, so some of the colours below might change slightly. I am in the process right now of colour matching and buying the new colours, but I will still try these colours in the Bomma clear glass to see if they work.


Please contact me through the contact page on my website or drop me an email at with the pieces you are interested in, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your support!

Pride Set

Pride Set of Tumblers

This set is priced at £550. A litre water jug can also be added to the set in any colour at a small discount to complete the set.

Small Water Jugs

Litre Water Jug

Water Jug and Tumbler Sets

Incalmo Bowls

Bowl w.jpg

The price for the Incalmo Bowls are available upon request. There are many different factors to this technique which can alter the price, including the amount of colours included and the scale of the bowl. If you are interested in an Incalmo Bowl, please do contact me and we can have a talk about what you are after and come up with a design!

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